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    iTexico is pitching to the enterprise market with its wearable app development. Its recent enterprise project for a mid market client brought time-tracking functionality to employees' wearable devices and taught the Austin, Texas headquartered developer valuable lessons about wearables for this market.
  • Haiti BPO

    Ivy Kuperberg came to Haiti to help with the nation's post-earthquake healthcare crisis, but five years later she is doing more good promoting business and BPO. Jared Wade examines how Kruperberg made the transition from aid worker to BPO promoter.
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    Candidates often look good on paper, but fail to impress when the real test of programming capabilities comes around. So how can hiring managers assess the prospective employee's skills beyond the resume -- and what do you do when the reality does not match the paper test?
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    As data breaches rack up, the need to understand the costs of such security issues becomes more important. Data on such costs, however, is often difficult to access and contradictory in nature. Nearshore Americas examines the costs of data breaches in Latin America in an interactive.