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    The resignation of Guatemala's president following allegations of corruption and the issuing of a warrant for his arrest has plunged the Central American country into the international spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Guatemala's business community, however, is optimistic about the potential for BPO/ ITO growth.
  • dollar-499481_1280

    Navigating the different tax incentives offered by Latin American countries hoping to woo foreign countries to their shores can be a difficult thing. This interactive explores some of the incentives offered by certain Latin American and Caribbean countries.
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    iTexico is pitching to the enterprise market with its wearable app development. Its recent enterprise project for a mid market client brought time-tracking functionality to employees' wearable devices and taught the Austin, Texas headquartered developer valuable lessons about wearables for this market.
  • Haiti BPO

    Ivy Kuperberg came to Haiti to help with the nation's post-earthquake healthcare crisis, but five years later she is doing more good promoting business and BPO. Jared Wade examines how Kruperberg made the transition from aid worker to BPO promoter.