• This webinar tackles some of the biggest questions that senior finance executives face when contemplating the …

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  • This webinar examines how AHCS sought to revolutionize the way people buy healthcare services by bringing disparate pieces of patient-service data and information together.

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  • With these tips we explain why some Nearshore vendors are struggling to close new business in the US, and how to course correct when veering off track.

  • Nearshore Americas hit an important content milestone this week by publishing our 5,000th post, signifying our long-term dedication to nearshore services.

  • This webinar, in collaboration with UruIT, explores techniques for driving rapid results in product development, unearthing specific insights and data on Medellin’s software capabilities.

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  • Three experts from Infosys discuss the impact that automation and artificial intelligence will have on the BPO industry and its clients in the near future.

  • Matt Kendall comes with a wealth of editorial experience and industry knowledge.

  • Previewing the top 11 highlights of Nexus that show why this conference matters so much to the Latin American and Caribbean IT/ BPO markets.

  • Nearshore Americas is proud to announce the official launch of the 2016 Nexus Illuminate Awards. Nominations will be accepted through April 2.

  • Nearshore Nexus 2016 is heading to San Francisco in May for a two-day festival of hard-driving dialogue, networking, and revelation around what the nearshore can really offer to U.S. companies.

  • This webinar, in partnership with Intugo, explores how the shelter model works, what advantages it offers, and how Mexico is uniquely suited to partner with global businesses.

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  • During this Nearshore Americas webcast, three industry leaders on the front lines of digital transformation explore the real, practical impacts of Cloud within the enterprise.

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