Infographic: How Guadalajara Became Mexico’s Silicon Valley

A unique timeline detailing the dynamic history and evolutionary stages in Guadalajara's rise to becoming Mexico's technology hub.

guadalajara silicon valley

Watch out, San Francisco — the name “Silicon Valley” is fast becoming synonymous with Mexico.

Thanks to a well-educated workforce, salaries at a third of those in the U.S., low kilowattage energy costs, and government subsidies, the Mexican city of Guadalajara now boasts a strong technology ecosystem that could soon rival that in Silicon Valley.

Over the last 50 years or so, Guadalajara has been consistently attracting big foreign names in tech, such as IBM and Motorola, which in turn has led to hundreds of software and electronics firms following, and creating an IT outsourcing industry now worth upwards of $12 billion a year.

Guadalajara’s diverse and dynamic history has played a major part in this evolution, so here’s a timeline detailing the key moments in the city’s rise to becoming the next Silicon Valley.

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    This post omit the CETI COLOMOS one of the best university even more than the UDG creating engenieers in all the country