Mexican Students Develop Water Quality Device That Could Save Lives

Students from Mexico have developed a device innovation that monitors water quality levels, potentially improving the country’s water systems.

bluedrop water quality mexico

Students from a handful of universities in Mexico have developed a new innovation that monitors water quality levels, potentially making the country’s water systems much safer.

Named Bluedrop, the system monitors water conductivity, dissolved oxygen, PH or acidity, oxidation, temperature, and color, offering real-time data to help counteract the diseases caused by the consumption of contaminated water.

The system uses the Microsoft Azure IoT platform, a 3.5G cellular network, and is self-sustaining due to being powered by solar cells.

The innovation, which began development in January 2017, generates economic savings for farmers, as well as positive effects on human health by preventing food from being watered with contaminated water. However, its use also extends to schools, hospitals, restaurants, and homes.

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