St. Lucia Introduces Chocolate Heritage Month to Attract Chocoholics

Several cocoa farms and hotels in St. Lucia have listed new packages and deals to attract chocolate lovers to the first chocolate heritage month in August.

chocolate heritage month

This summer and fall, several cocoa farms and hotels in the Caribbean country of St. Lucia have listed new packages and deals to attract chocolate lovers to the island’s first Chocolate Heritage Month.

According to local players, St. Lucia is gradually reviving its once-strong cocoa industry, as plantations start opening their facilities to tourists and offer tasting, chocolate tasting, and lessons on basic chocolate making.

“There are a few companies that popped up in St. Lucia making their own chocolate bars,” Eurice Henning, founder of Amazona Cocoa, told the New York Times. “Now, people are starting to see the value in coming up with different chocolate creations.”

To find out more about the different packages on offer, click here.

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