Amid Market Transformations, It Is Time to Consider Jamaica For Software Outsourcing

This White Paper is intended to aid business owners and IT managers who want more value from outsourced services in this new business context. While the pandemic changed the expectations that companies have of their outsourcing providers, decision makers also face the need to rapidly integrate new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR). These trends have impacted the geography of technological services, as many companies look for added value in new emerging markets with the digital capabilities and the qualified workforce to support their needs.

Accelerated Digital Transformation Process and Growth in Software Development Demand

While Jamaica has been traditionally associated to the BPO sector, the Caribbean Island now presents exciting opportunities for software outsourcing. With the rise in pricing experienced by more established Nearshore markets in The Americas such as Costa Rica, Jamaica is amalgamating evolving capabilities with cost effective solutions. 

Market Trends

Jamaica as a Software Outsourcing Destination: IT Profile

Outsourcing Reimagined/Knightfox Business Practices


The software development market experiences continued change

Cloud-centric software platform companies have the ability to change, tweak, tune, update and augment the functionality of different parts of their software suite at a fast rate.

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Bryan Campbell Romero

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Bryan Ch. Campbell Romero is the Investment and Policy Editor at Nearshore Americas. He also contributes to other publications with analysis on political risk, society and the entrepreneurial ecosystems of Cuba and the Latin American region. Originally from Cuba, Bryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy (Licenciatura en Filosofía) from the University of Havana.

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