Build Operate Transfer 2.0:
Mexico’s Value Proposition

In a post-Covid world, what will Mexico have to offer as a nearshore destination? The pandemic has made remote working part of the new normal and is spurring on US companies to look to their southerly neighbors for responsive and reactive ways to outsource. The BOT model (Build, Operate,
Transfer) model is offering an evolving value proposition for companies who are looking for the opportunity to build their own teams from Mexico’s diverse and mature talent pool.

Mexico is the perfect link between North America and Central and South America, with a cultural affinity with both continents and a hardworking, educated workforce that is often bilingual. Add to this an understanding of BOT 2.0, and Mexico is being seen with new eyes.

The Mexican Offer: People, Resilience, Opportunities

Young, educated, and adaptable – that is how Mexican talent is often described in the IT sector. The country is known for its resilient and flexible workforce, quick to come up with solutions and ready to work harder to achieve goals.





The New Model for the New Normal

While the post-Covid era will bring about much change, it will also signal the emergence of more opportunities for businesses to leverage the possibilities of the nearshore and of remote work. As the skills shortage continues to challenge the United States IT industry, those looking to build skilled, resilient and reliable engineering teams to meet the demands of customers will need to consider models such as the BOT 2.0 model, which can help them tap into the growing and diverse range of talent available in Mexico.

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Bianca Wright

Contributing Editor

Bianca Wright is a contributing editor at Nearshore Americas and has been published in in the US, UK and South Africa across a host of industry publications and websites. She holds a MPhil degree in Journalism from the University of Stellenbosch and a DPhil in Media Studies from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

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