Understanding How Latin America's Becoming a Hub for High-Quality Tech Talent

  • Assesing a truly global labor supply
  • Data on Latin America’s untapped potential for tech labor
  • Where does the region stand in the global IT services market? 
  • A close review of Mexico, a strong contender in tech

Gain a Wider Understanding of the Global Tech Talent Pool

Higher labor costs and skyrocketing demand have pushed organizations large and small to look further afield for talent. In that search, Latin America has emerged as an attractive alternative, particularly as a source of high quality software engineers and for the delivery of IT services from the nearshore.

Top-of-the-Line Talent

Cultural Affinity

Time Zone Alignment


Gain insight into one of the most relevant developments in IT outsourcing

Organizations need to make the best out of an ever-shifting landscape. Understanding the hows and whys of Latin America's rising star in tech will provide tools for better decision making in times defined by uncertainty and rapid change. Lagging behind is not an option.

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