Integrating Technology into the Nearshore Bloodstream

  • Reduce risk for new program launches
  • Engage BI toolsets to drive efficiency
  • Leverage AI for improved CX

Service-Oriented Outsourcing Has Arrived. Have Your CX Strategies Kept Pace?

In BPO 2.0, CX is a high-value service available for purchase. Supported by cloud-based technologies, CX partners are able to leverage state-of-the-art solutions in a cost-efficient way. Aligning in-house capabilities with a committed provider more adaptable CX strategies and provable marketplace outcomes.


Agents empowered by cloud platforms


Training that taps resilient knowledge


Artificial intelligence in the right context


Are you asking the right questions of your CX partner?

Nearshore providers that promise optimal CX must answer tough questions. What tools are being used? What actionable metrics are delivered? How does the provider execute in a changing market? What role does Cloud-based AI and BI play in delivering cost-effective results? Knowing to ask these crucial questions – while insisting on solid answers – is integral to the success of a CX engagement.

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Tim Wilson

Senior Market Analyst

Tim Wilson is a Senior Market Analyst with Nearshore Americas. He is a former Research Analyst with IDC in Toronto and has over 25 years’ experience as a technology and business journalist, including extensive reporting from Latin America.

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