Fast, Adaptive and Scalable: Entering a New Era of AI Enablement

  • Assure greater agent performance with AI
  • Leverage vast data sets through deep learning
  • Master language assessment across the entire organization
  • Manage growth through rapid scaling

Put Your Agents in the Right Roles
and Let Them Fly!

Language assessments should not be subjective, but sometimes they are. If there are multiple people engaged in a hiring process, human bias can distort decision-making. The result is that a contact center might place bilingual agents in environments that are well beyond their abilities. Poor outcomes often result when agents believe they lack the skills to meet expectations.


Remove Bias = Support Diversity


Drive HR to a New Level


Power Up with Cognitive Computing


Is Your Contact Center Ready to Move into the Fast Lane?

Competition inside the global CX services industry is reaching a new level of intensity. Savvy CX partners understand that applying smart AI tools to the recruitment process can make a major difference compared to rivals who remain in the slow lane. Which lane do you and your team want to be in? Take the learnings in this report and put them to work!

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Tim Wilson

Senior Market Analyst

Tim Wilson has worked as a technology research analyst for 25 years. He began his career at IDC in Toronto, where he conducted numerous quantitative and qualitative studies of the software and services industry in North America. Subsequently, as an independent researcher, Tim worked on contracts for large ICT companies such as Cisco and Microsoft, expanding his coverage to include markets throughout the Americas. 

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