Faces in the Crowd: Juan Coronado

Juan Coronado will be joining the conversation at Nexus 2019 as one of our speakers. He is Senior Manager in Deloitte’s IT Strategy & Analytics practice.

juan coronado

Juan Coronado brings his unique perspective gleaned from years in leadership suppler roles, as a client and as an outsourcing broker to the industry. As Senior Manager in Deloitte’s IT Strategy & Analytics practice, Coronado specializes in modernizing business operating models through process simplification, standardization, automation (traditional and emerging), and outsourcing/ insourcing models.

Before joining Deloitte he worked for one of the largest financial global firms, where he led globally the ITO/BPO Strategic Sourcing group and the RPA/ Smart Automation program. Coronado has experience designing target operating models for technology, telecomm and financial firms and has negotiated contracts with an aggregated value of $4 billion.

Coronado has been recognized by Nearshore Americas as one of the most influential executives in the outsourcing industry and is one of the speakers at Nexus 2019.

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