Faces in the Crowd – Raj Mohan

Raj Mohan, CEO of Presidency Solutions, joins our roster of expert speakers at Nexus 2018, held June 26 and 27 in San Francisco, California.

raj mohan

As a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the software industry, Raj Mohan has built several multi-million dollar companies in Cloud, mobility, RPA, and Big Data.

An expert in creating Nearshore organizations and deriving value from the Nearshore model, he founded Presidency Solutions in Guadalajara to bring the advantage of quality and cost effective nearshore solutions to his customers in the US.

Based in Silicon Valley, he is also the CEO of Sentient-Minds, a leading digital transformation company specializing in RPA and AI. An investor and mentor to several international tech startups, Raj is passionate about innovation and emerging technologies.

Raj joins our roster of expert speakers at Nexus 2018. For more details, visit the website.

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