Faces in the Crowd: Raul Vega

Nearshore providers need to master robotic process automation before they look to artificial intelligence, according to Raul Vega, President and CEO of Auxis.


To continue being relevant, nearshore providers will need to continue moving up the value chain, says Raul Vega, President and CEO of Auxis. “Artificial intelligence should be a key part of that evolution, but we are still several years out from that being a realistic component for most organizations. Many organizations are still struggling to leverage much more basic technologies such as RPA. They need to master these before even thinking about AI.”


Vega co-founded Auxis in 1997, after having worked with PepsiCo International and Price Waterhouse. In 2018 he was appointed board member of Humantelligence, an AI-driven recruiting and culture analytics company. Over his 29-year career he has worked with over 200 clients across 30+ countries and led business transformation initiatives in multiple industries, including consumer goods, retail and telecommunications. Vega is a graduate of the University of Florida where he earned both a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Accounting.

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