The 50 Most Influential Leaders in Nearshore Services

The 50 most influential people in the Nearshore Americas region will be recognized in our news blog pages in the coming months – but we need your help!iStock_000008576092XSmall

What makes the BPO industries in the Americas unique? In my view, the outsourcing experience in the Western Hemisphere boils down to building trusting relationships. These relationships are formed by people committed to not just meeting the needs of the client, but for the opportunity to raise quality standards and perceptions in their country or across the region. We are on a mission to identify the true champions of the professional export services sectors of LATAM and Canada.

We will salute the work of this special group of people through our exclusive “50 Most Influential Leaders” list. The list will include provider and customer executives, government and economic development officials, professors, industry analysts, association leaders and other key contributors to Nearshore outsourcing.

Have someone in mind who belongs on our list? List the name in the “reply” box below or drop me a note simply with the name of the person.

Send nominee names to:  [email protected]

Once we have a list of nominees we will conduct  a reader poll to identify the Top 50! Drop us you nominees before Nov. 1. Thank you.

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