Jamaica has its own Alternative to LMAO, and it’s a Gamechanger

It's time to stop using the age-old acronym LMAO to express how funny something is. Jamaica has it's own alternative, and it's worthy of greatness.

jamaican alternative to LMAO

Jamaica and its vibrant population have a very distinct and recognizable way of communicating, but some terms deserve a place in the common, global vernacular.

For instance, have you ever heard the term “DWL”? The acronym is for the Jamaican slang expression “Dead wid Laugh” roughly translated as “Dying with Laughter”, which is a great alternative to the more commonly used LMAO.

To give you a working example, you might hear someone sayYuh did si wah him wear yestideh? DWL”, which means “Did you see what he wore yesterday? LMAO”.

Big up to the guys at JAMPRO, the country’s investment promotion agency, for teaching us this gem this week.

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