Long-term Partnerships Key To Successful Vendor Management

The Vendor Management Vortex panel at Nearshore Nexus 2015 focused on the potential pitfalls and overlooked opportunities of the vendor-client relationship, unpacking the features of a successful vendor management strategy and how those are implemented in the nearshore.

Vendor management needs to move beyond procurement to long-term business-focused partnerships that leverage the strengths of the client and the vendor. The Vendor Management Vortex panel session at Nexus 2015 focused on unpacking the perils and opportunities inherit in vendor management and the role of the vendor management executive. Moderator Marc Tanowitz of Pace Harmon chatted to Timothy Norton, Director of Vendor Management at UPS, Andy Nixon, Director of Global IT Source Management at Corning, and Ricardo Gonzalez, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Softtek about their experiences on both sides of the vendor relationship, highlighting best practice and potential perils.

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