Mexico Needs To Look Locally For Tech Opportunities

Mexico is increasingly being recognized as a tech hub for nearshore activities, but its own use of technology in industry is not on par with the developed world, according to Andy Kieffer, Founder of Agave Lab Ventures. Kieffer talks to Nearshore Cafe about Mexico's tech start-up economy, the promise of disruption, and the challenges facing the IT industry.

Local industries in Mexico have yet to enjoy the benefits of digital disruption, according to Andy Kieffer, Founder and CEO of Agave Lab Ventures, a Mexican tech start-up incubator based in Guadalajara. Kieffer says that tech start-ups should capitalize on the potential opportunities to transform sectors such as banking, the postal service and others that are “stuck in the past”.

In the latest episode of our podcast series, Nearshore Cafe, Kieffer talks to Managing Editor Bianca Wright about Mexico’s start-up economy, the challenges and successes of the industry, and where IT in Mexico could be in the next five years.

Before moving to Mexico, Kieffer spent over 15 years working with Silicon Valley startups. His career spanned all phases of the venture-capital backed startup world including an IPO followed by a secondary offering that raised several hundred million dollars (USD), several successful acquisitions, and more than a dozen investment rounds.

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