Nearshore Americas Welcomes New Editor

Adam Critchley is a Mexico-based journalist and translator with 20 years’ experience covering multiple sectors.

Nearshore Americas has appointed Adam Critchley as its chief editor, a Mexico-based British journalist and translator with 20 years’ experience covering a wide variety of sectors, from agriculture and the arts, fintech and food to renewable energy, telecoms, politics and publishing.

Seeking to develop story leads, Adam will be attending Nearshore Americas’ Nexus 2019 event on May 15-16 in New York, and is eager to meet industry contacts and forge a close relationship with our readers and sponsors.

He welcomes story ideas and industry news at: [email protected]

Bilingual in English and Spanish, he has lived in Mexico for 20 years, as well as shorter stints in China and Spain, where he worked as a contributing editor and reporter for diverse media.

His articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines in Argentina, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and the US, in publications including Confabulario, Forbes, Gatopardo, Greentech Media, GQ, Publishing Perspectives, Solarplaza, That’s Beijing, Travesías and Vinísfera.

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