Recap: Nearshore Gender Equality is Failing – Who’s at Fault and Why?

Nearshore companies are pursuing the same gender equality goals as their global counterparts, but there are still social and educational burdens to address.

gender equality

Nearshore software and technology companies are actively pursuing the same gender equality goals as their global counterparts, but there are still educational burdens that are failing the industry’s ambitions in the region – namely, a female lack of interest in STEM.

According to a UNESCO study, the gender gap in Latin America and the Caribbean is largely in favor of boys when it comes to mathematics in secondary education.

In order to step further toward gender equality, educators and parents, as well as companies and technology leaders, must find creative ways to ignite girls and sustain their interest in STEM, from youth to adulthood.

In this Nearshore Americas analysis, Accenture, Belatrix, and Softtek, explain their continuing focus on this vital topic.

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