Mexico Must Confront Challenges to Maintain Position

The Nearshore Nexus 2015 "Mexico Leadership Panel" highlighted the nation's need to confront current trends if it wants to maintain its position.

The Nearshore Nexus 2015 “Mexico Leadership Panel” unpacked the current state of this key regional and global player in IT, looking at how the nation must confront current trends it if wants to maintain its position. Emerging value propositions that extend Mexico’s traditional strengths were also highlighted.

To discuss these — and other market — challenges and opportunities, moderator Sean Goforth, now Director of Research at Nearshore Americas, was joined by Cliff Schertz, Founder & CEO of Tiempo Development Guillermo González King, CEO of MexicoIT, and Anurag Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO of iTexico.

The session also featured excerpts from the Mexico’s States of Innovation documentary, which was launched at the event.

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