Recap: 5 Things Nearshore Vendors Can Do to Allay Client Security Fears

With the recent WannaCry attack making the headlines, this previous Nearshore Americas article suggests what vendors could be doing to improve security.


What with the recent WannaCry attack making the headlines, it’s important to be aware of what vendors could be doing on the security side in order to keep clients confident that their data is protected.

For many large corporations, it isn’t a question of if a breach will occur, but rather when it will occur. In such a context, the need for outsourcers to demonstrate their capacity to keep data safe is paramount.

The five best ways to do this is ensuring you have a clear policy, creating a security culture, addressing physical issues, showing that you know the terrain, and demonstrating engagement with government cyber-security initiatives. These are the key techniques to reassuring your clients that their data is secure.

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