Neoris Planning Major Expansion into India and Czech Republic

The company announced plans to set up digital laboratories in New Delhi and Prague in order to develop mobile, web, and cloud applications.


Software development and consulting provider Neoris is planning to launch delivery centers in Czech Republic and India, expanding its global footprint even further.

The company, headquartered in Miami, Florida, announced plans to set up digital laboratories in New Delhi and Prague in order to develop mobile, web, and cloud applications at the new locations.

“The decision to expand to Central Europe and India further strengthens our delivery capabilities to better serve global clients in closer proximity,” said the firm in a statement.

Neoris has not said how many people it would acquire for the new delivery centers.

The move makes the company one of the few Latin American IT firms expanding into Asia, where Indian and American players have held a strong foothold for some time.

The news comes barely four months after the company widened its footprint in the United States with delivery centers in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Dallas, Texas. Neoris has also expanded operations to Africa and the Middle East in recent years.

Founded 16 years ago as a technology offshoot of Mexican cement producer Cemex, Neoris has presence in over 30 countries and employs over 3,500 consultants.

The expansion, Neoris said, would also benefit Cemex, which has signed lucrative IT services contracts with the company and leveraged its global delivery network.

“Neoris has been a key IT ally for Cemex to maintain competitive operations in a rapidly shifting, global marketplace,” said Fernando A. González, CEO of Cemex.

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