Some have dedicated their professional lives to attracting investment into their home countries. Others are multinational executives determined to realize a bigger vision for the professional exported services sector of the Americas. These and a host of other professionals are responsible for putting Nearshore outsourcing on the global map. We celebrate these people in our special Nearshore Americas Power 50 Report, shining a bright light on an increasingly influential industry which for far too long has operated in the shadows of more dominant global delivery destinations in Asia.

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Despite tumultuous economic conditions around the world, Nearshore providers continue to attract more and more buyers. Analysts cite the familiar reasons: geographic proximity, time zone, large number of English speakers, costs. Clients cite technical abilities, creativity, love of innovation, and willingness to engage as partners and not simply as drones—”How about if we try this?” rather than “Tell me what to do, boss.”

But none of this would have happened were it not for the courage, leadership, hard work, creative spirit, and enthusiasm of individual human beings.

Just as the pioneers of Silicon Valley could look at a microprocessor or lines of code and see a new market or product, the pioneers of Nearshore outsourcing could look at the skills and ambitions of their fellow citizens and see a new way to create opportunity, improve the national economy, and, as Globant co-founder Martin Migoya put it, “promote the professional development of people without [them] having to emigrate from their place of birth, and thus contributing to a sustainable growth of their communities.”

Our selection process was rigorous and took into account four main criteria:

  • Personal impact on the growth and visibility of outsourcing in the Americas
  • Record of achievement within the candidate’s  own organizations
  • Dedication to raising professional standards and performance quality
  • A personal willingness to put  industry over self in areas like corporate social responsibility, participation in local or region trade promotion and educational development groups and stepping-up into the spotlight as a thought-leader through live events and media engagement.

In the 2010 edition of the Power 50, we have representation from 16 different countries in the Western Hemisphere, including  Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, the United States, Canada, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cuba, Barbados and Jamaica.

We salute these important professionals and continue to look forward to how they will contribute to the further growth of this industry which serves the larger cause of greater prosperity throughout the Americas. (And thank you to all who submitted nominations during 2009 ).

– The Editors at Nearshore Americas