Public Opinion is Not Relevant to US Executives who Outsource

Public opinion on outsourcing may not be favorable in America at the moment, but given the troubled economic climate, most corporate executives would stick with outsourcing IT, finance and accounting, HR or procurement functions nonetheless, according to a recent survey of Fortune 1000 executives by Capgemini. In fact, the 72% of executives surveyed are in favor of outsourcing.

It’s not as if these executives are unaware of public sentiments against outsourcing in the context of tough economic times.  But benefits such as affordability, availability of trained manpower and other enticements are too hard to resist. Also, the Capgemini survey indicates that most of the executives do not take public opinion into consideration while making the company decisions. The survey states that business decisions would not have been altered even if public opinion was favorable about outsourcing.

David Poole, vice president and head of Americas Business Process Outsourcing, Capgemini, stated in a press release. “Capgemini understands that companies that outsource are better poised for the future, as they are able to reinvest their savings to drive innovation. Over time, the business can build, expand and emerge from the economic slump in a stronger position because, through outsourcing, they have been able to focus on their core business.”

Over recent years, outsourcing has been a strategic pillar in the business plans of the tens of thousands of companies in U.S. Over 74 percent of executives surveyed believe that a company can survive in today’s economy with the help of outsourcing. The money saved is money earned, and 70 percent of executives believe in this principle.

Capgemini has its own business process outsourcing organization in place which makes use of business intelligence tools and domain expertise to enhance the business operations of its clients. It helps the clients to restore profitability and growth with its outsourcing services, the company claims.

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