From the Founder: A Simple Aspiration

Nearshore Americas is a multi-channel business built to inspire greater understanding and engagement with Latin America and the Caribbean. This simple purpose, which has been the guidepost of this publication’s existence since its creation in September 2009, grew out of my own experience as a business manager at a large media company in New York City around 2007-2008. At the time, I was tasked with analyzing and pursuing offshore business-process partnerships in order to yield better efficiencies within one of the company’s fastest growing lines of business.

Little did I know that my initial inquiries into the Americas’ global services marketplace would eventually give birth to a publication that has established itself as the single most important voice and ‘home’ for the thriving, $16 billion Nearshore services industry.

From its earliest days and humble beginnings, Nearshore Americas found its niche and derived its energy from the tens of thousands of IT entrepreneurs, software engineers, designers, call center and BPO-professionals, tech cluster leaders and investment agency staffers spread across a huge territorial swath – from Mexico and Central America and east to the Caribbean and southward into South America.

Our many activities, in a large way, are devoted to exposing the deeply important contributions these individuals (and their company’s owners and sponsors) make in aiding in the overall performance of a vast number of global corporations. The roster of multinationals relying on the broad skillsets of Latin America and Caribbean professionals is both awe-inspiring but often curiously misunderstood by the larger business world.

Unlike many business publications, Nearshore Americas considers deeply the human element that underlays the ‘transactional’ nature of global commerce. It is often said that outsourcing is a ‘people business’ and our editorial team strives to get into the tangible context of third-party sourcing while aggressively avoiding the dry, impersonal ‘analysis’ which distances the business reader from the down and dirty realities of trying to successfully get what you’re actually paying for. In others words, our approach is to be real, to be hard-driving and also aspire to an ideal where talents and contributions of individuals and teams supersede the desire to label nations and unintentionally propel often misguided notions of what a particular Latin America or Caribbean country is all about.

Our team works tirelessly to develop articles and reports geared toward  ‘buy-side’ decision makers. These executives, most often based in North America, continue to seek deep knowledge about the risks, opportunities and lessons of expanding relationships into Latin America and the Caribbean. We execute this vision through a host of channels – including three unique online publications, our annual conferences – Nearshore Nexus (held in Silicon Valley every Spring) and Sourcing Decisions (held in March every year in Toronto) – and a variety of client-generated research, surveys, webinars, white papers and special ‘investor missions’ to the region.

Our aim, to be quite simple about it, is to generate deep levels of targeted business reporting and insight so that minds are opened and attitudes – at least in some small measure – are advanced. This is our modest hope, and we sincerely invite you to join us regularly in participating in this simple yet transformative aspiration.