Recap: Call Center Agents Identify the Best Workplaces in Jamaica

Call center agents with first-hand experience of working for providers in Jamaica describe their experiences and talk about the benefits, perks, and work environments that convince them to stick around.

call center agents

In order to understand whether BPO companies in Jamaica are delivering on their promises, we interviewed a handful of individuals with first-hand experience of working as call center agents on the island.

Compensation levels were the highest concerns, with some workers commending Advantage CommunicationsIbex Global, and Sutherland Global Services for offering very competitive pay packages, while others found them to be unsatisfactory.

Most of our interviewees agreed that an attractive compensation package, on-the-job training, flexible working hours, and scope for promotions are all incentives that will retain their services. Furthermore, companies were given high marks for the on the job coaching, mentoring, and employee training.

To see the full agent experiences with Jamaica’s BPO companies, read the full article here.

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