Recap: Sourcing Partnerships Require Clients to Build Teams, not Islands

Renate Cunneen points out that clients often fall prey to the same mistake when attempting to get the most out of their sourcing partnerships.

build-teams sourcing partnerships

When it comes to outsourcing aspects of a business, all companies strive to get the most out of their external sourcing partnerships, but many still fall prey to the same fatal mistake.

In this expert Commentary, Renate Cunneen points out that clients will often not listen to their vendors, ignoring what they’re saying about the business, which seems counter intuitive as they are being paid to show off best practices.

“The more you engage with your vendors the more you will get out of them. Trust must be built immediately to drive home the expectations that were previously outlined in the contract,” she writes, stressing that collaborating teams are much stronger than individual “islands”.

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