Slideshow: Curaçao Shines Smart in Powerful Investment Summit

Whether with cities, people, government, innovation or energy, Curaçao puts the 'smart city' dialogue at top of its agenda

Marten Kaevats

Substance and style. Elucidation and entertainment. The third-annual CINEX Smart Investment Summit delivered all that and more during a genuinely engaging two-day summit last week at the Santa Barbara resort, at the southern end of Curaçao.

An international mix of experts discussed both practical and big-picture views on how to capitalize on the digital economy, and how Curaçao – not typically viewed as a popular Nearshore destination – can leapfrog ahead with a progressive strategy revolving around smart investment.

“The intent of this summit is to bring international expertise and vision around how innovation and technology pave the way for the future, creating multiple investment options for Curaçao, “ says Ramon Koffijberg, Executive Director of CINEX (Curaçao Investment & Export Agency Promotion).

“Smart investment is the key to sustainable economy especially for islands in general. This approach drives countries like Curaçao to be more competitive in the region. It also increases productivity and enhances the way of life for citizens,” he added.

Nearshoring and Latin America technology innovation figured large at the conference. Longstanding digital innovation expert Santiago Pinzon, Vice President of Colombia’s tech-chamber ANDI gave a keynote presentation, as did Nearshore Americas’ Founder and Managing Director Kirk Laughlin.

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This year’s theme was “Smart Nation Investment; empowering people for the expectations of the next generation.”

Check out this slideshow to see what went on at the event and who took part:

  • The CINEX Smart Investment Summit 2018 took place on Curaçao and focused on presenting, discussing and acknowledging the challenges of a Digital Economy for the island.
  • Marten Kaevats
    Marten Kaevats, the National Digital Advisor in the Government Office of Estonia, gave a keynote presentation on Smart Government at the Summit.
  • The Summit provided the perfect opportunity to get to know industry experts better at the cocktail and networking event.
  • Minister Dr. I.S. (Steven) Martina welcomed speakers and participants to the 3rd edition of the Summit.
  • Santiago Pinzon Galan, Vice President of Digital Transformation at ANDI Colombia, was one of the keynote speakers at the Summit where he talked about a Digital Nation.
  • Participants at the event were able to learn about a range of topics including Smart People, Smart Government, Smart Living, Smart Environment, Smart Economy, Smart Mobility and Smart Investment.
  • Minister Zita Jesus-Leito gave the welcome remarks on the second day of the CINEX 2018 Summit.
  • This year’s theme at the Summit: Smart Nation Investment; empowering people for the expectations of the next generation.
  • Kirk Laughlin, Founder and Managing Director of Nearshore Americas, was one of the industry experts who gave a keynote presentation during the Summit
  • Jan Kees de Jager, the CFO, Member of the Board of Management at KPN, was a guest speaker at the event and gave a keynote presentation on Smart Technology.
  • The cocktail and networking event permitted participants to learn more in-depth information about the challenges facing Curaçao's Digital Economy.
  • A member of the audience asks a question using the "Catch Box".