Slideshow: Nearshore Americas Marks Five Years of Service and Influence

Exactly five years ago today, Nearshore Americas began operations. Hoping to not let our five-year anniversary pass without some kind of tribute, we assembled here a collection of …

Exactly five years ago today, Nearshore Americas began operations. Hoping to not let our five-year anniversary pass without some kind of tribute, we assembled here a collection of images from our work in the region, which by estimates exceeds one million air-miles flown and more than 80 in-person visits to various destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. These efforts have yielded, in part, more than 3,000 influential reports and articles which were build from over 8,000 interviews.

In sum, we have traveled these miles, burned late night hours and made countless inquiries into the vast Nearshore IT/BPO marketplace, because it’s exactly what we set out to do five years ago. It’s been our mission and our purpose, and we’re deeply grateful to the nearly 100 advertising and sponsoring organizations, big and small, who too saw the need to expose the very special and powerful contributions the Nearshore market makes to global commerce. With that – a  step back in time:

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We quickly recognized that Globant's meteoric rise was indicative of Nearshore's potential.(Group shot from NYC Globant Forum in 2010)

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One of our most prolific team-members, analyst Luke Bujarski (far right) meets with Costa Rica senior leadership, including former President Chinchilla in NYC in 2011.

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One of NSAM's most vital roles has been to bring together investors and sourcing end-users with nations and providers, to wit, "Building Alliances with Mexico Forum" held in Manhattan, in the fall of 2013.


Senior BPO analyst Loren Moss, a frequent visitor to Monterrey, Mexico, toured and conducted an interviews with Alestra senior execs in their center in mid-2013.


Smart people are everywhere, and certainly in large supply in places like Mendoza, Argentina where we visited the well-established team at Belatrix and learned a thing or two about software collaboration in 2012.


The Nearshore 'experience' simply cannot be understood and fully captured without regular reference to the culture of wider Caribbean and Latin America life. 'Off-Hours' is what we call it, and here we visit the absolutely brilliant Caribbean History Museum, in Barranquilla, Colombia


Among the responsibilities we're most proud of is creating cross-border introductions and helping leaders identify common interests, here Tata Consultancy's Sridhar Venkataraman meets with former Colombia President Uribe at Nexus 2012.


On a regular basis, NSAM's editors and analysts are interviewed by local media when we visit the region, helping local populations start to see the wider benefits of outsourcing investment.

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Accessible and straight-talking: Nearshore leaders like Softtek CEO Blana Trevino have enabled our brand to stay 'on message' in tracking the most important and relevant topics in the industry.

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A night out in Cartagena with good friends, and big smiles.


A seasoned and hard-nosed business editor, Joe Nocera of the New York Times, took the stage at Nexus 2013 to argue that US politicians are wrecking a great country.


All the raw skills are there: The only thing often 'missing' from the character of the Nearshore young professional is a bit of confidence.


Michael Corbett, Chris Disher and Steve Rudderham probably still don't know how instrumental they were in helping NSAM's founder see a strong business case for founding Nearshore Americas. (Here during a very special Guatemala City IAOP forum in 2009).


Time for lunch: You've got to be kidding me if you think we're dining in the hotel restaurant! Here in the Caribbean, its street-side jerk chicken.


Sharp-witted and strikingly honest: Visiting here with former Antigua Minister of Telecommunications Dr. Edmond Mansoor whose calls for local fixed-line telecommunications liberalization have fallen on deaf ears.


A night out in Montego Bay, with world-class performers and hosted by our friends at JAMPRO.


Of course, we're always trying to make friends in high places, as investors will constantly tell us they want trust to begin 'at the top'. Here with Jamaica Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller in 2013.

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Back on the bus: A group of senior execs joined Nearshore Americas in a investors mission to Guadalajara in 2012.


Taking a break from a really interesting tour of the comunas of Medellin, with our friends from ACI Medellin.

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Not unlike teaming with ensemble jazz players, we have worked with over 75 video, lighting and sound pros in Nearshore region. Here in Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo.

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One of a handful of truly influential Nearshore visionaries: Marco Stefanini, here with Kirk Laughlin and Dan Rubinetti in Sao Paulo in 2013.

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Guadalajara 2012: Deep inside 'Centro De Software' bringing together software entrepreneurs, US and Mexico investors and trade and investment execs to talk about core market drivers.

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Kirk and Dan: One of thousands of discussions about positioning of Nearshore Americas to yield the most value for the market.

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The stillness of Montevideo on a 'summer' night in 2012.

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Nearshore outsourcing flat-out doesn't work without high-performance buildings, tech parks and suitable real estate. The team at Zona Franca Santander made that clear during our 2013 visit.


In good company: Our content over the years has always been aided and abetted by the smartest guys in the room. A few of them here at Brazil IT Forum in 2012.


Less than 1,000 days after the launch of Nearshore Americas, we hosted CNN and former Colombia President Uribe on stage at Nexus 2012 in NYC. One of our proudest metrics.


Spending time with Pelé, in a real heart-to-heart conversation: Priceless. (Sorry for the blurry image).


Stay the extra day: Extra time in Ambergris Caye, Belize in 2011.