The New Elders of the Tech Era

Becoming an elder is no longer about biological age; those hitting their thirties are increasingly thinking about how ageing impacts on their performance in the highly competitive tech arena.


Thirty is the new 60, if the latest trend in digital culture is to believed. The Modern Elder Academy, in El Pescadero, Mexico, offers one-week programs to help workers in the tech industry come to terms with getting older – and far from just attracting the 45+ crowd, this resort experience is increasingly catering to those in their 30s.

The getaway is structured like a training program and prospective guests must apply and be accepted before paying their $5,000 “tuition” fee, which includes three meals a day, all from locally sourced ingredients. The regimen includes workshops on coping with getting older and salt-air yoga. The program was inspired by founder Chip Conley’s own experiences at AirBnB.

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