US Debt Collector ADS to Launch Contact Center in Kingston, Jamaica

In an agreement with Tudor Consultants, the contact center will be installed at its facility in Kingston and hire more than 100 local customer service agents over the next 18 months

A view of beach in Kingston

American debt collector Account Discovery systems (ADS) has partnered with Tudor Consultants to launch a contact center in the Jamaican city of Kingston.

As per the agreement, Tudor’s Jamaican unit will install the contact center at its own facility in Kingston and hire more than 100 local customer service agents over the next 18 months, according to John Chebat, Founder of ADS.

“This facility will have a tremendous impact in Kingston and will represent a significant milestone for both companies,” said Chebat. “I am very proud that we can have such a positive effect on an area’s economy and people.”

Dr. Murthy Devarabhotla, CEO of Tudor Consultants, stated that the contact center will employ more than 150 people in total.

“In addition to this new agreement, we also agreed to cooperate in the areas of mutual interests like Pharmaceuticals,” said Devarabhotla.

Bused in Buffalo, New York, ADS is a third party receivables management firm, founded in 2011. The American company said its expansion to Jamaica will make it fiscally resistant to changes in the industry.

“The organization believes such diversification into evolving markets can not only lead to greater organic growth but make the organization fiscally resistant to changes in the industry and economy,” ADS stated.

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Thanks to its fastest growing outsourcing industry, Kingston was named the Nearshore City of the Year at Nexus 2018 held in San Francisco recently.

Kingston has seen over US$22 million spent on real estate in both new construction and refurbishing of existing properties to meet the demand for the industry growth over the past year.




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    Is this company aware of Mr. Chebat’s past? That he has been shut down by attorney generals, fined, almost imprisioned for his business practices? That he has a current investigation on him from the US government? Why do you think he is opening outside of the US? Good luck to all involved. If you have families to care for, so not get yourself in this mess.