What an Amazing Office: Codigo Del Sur

Uruguay mobile development company Codigo del Sur houses its rockstar coders in a 1920s colonial mansion. Our photo gallery takes you inside the mansion that is home to 80+ employees.

Where to house a team of “rockstar coders”? If you are Codigo del Sur, a mobile app development company in Uruguay, the choice is a 1920s mansion that had been originally planned to be built in Paris. After the Paris project was axed, the stately home found new life in colonial Montevideo, and, now almost 100 years later, plays host to a thoroughly modern, connected workforce of more than 80.

Combining these two concepts — colonial era environment with modern tech — provides its own complexities in terms of decor.  “Nothing would suit us better than a Steampunk style, combining luxury and sophistication of the old mansion with the innovation and futurism of the team,” said Codigo del Sur’s Carla Martinovic. This is reflected in the combination of fine leather Chesterfield sofas and a grand piano, along with video art pieces emulating supercomputers from a post-apocalyptic future. “Such combination makes visitors, as well as the team, feel like they’re entering a surreal world of sophistication and technology worthy of a post-apocalyptic movie,” she said.

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