What an Amazing Office: December Labs

Latin America and the Caribbean has put its own unique twist on the start-up workplace environment made famous by the Silicon Valley set. In the latest What an Amazing Office feature, we highlight December Labs' Montevideo, Uruguay, office.

December Labs

While such set-ups may feel constrained to the West Coast of the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean have emulated the interesting workplace environment synonymous with start-ups and added its own unique flair. Office set-ups across the region boast interesting facilities and design elements that capture not only the culture of the region but of the people who work there.

One such interesting office space is that of software product development firm, December Labs, which is headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay with offices in San Francisco and Houston.

Established in 2014, they currently have a team of more than 40 employees. December Labs focuses on accelerating the production of digital platforms from architecture to launch. Solutions they provide usually involve mobile app development, web development, UI/UX design, and emerging technologies such as VR, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

December Labs’ team of 40+ team of PhDs, architects, researchers, project managers, strategists, developers, and designers works their magic out of its stylishly renovated 3-floor HQ and its recently inaugurated second 4-floor office, both located within the same block in the beautiful and central residential neighborhood of Pocitos in Uruguay’s capital Montevideo.

The slideshow below looks at their unique work spaces.

  • December Labs is a mobile and web development company headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay
  • The imposing entry hall leads into flexible and fun spaces that mix work and play
  • The two buildings in Montevideo are home to the bulk of December Labs’ employees
  • Recreation areas are bright and airy with decor that reflects the modern workspace
  • Recreation areas are enlivened with interesting mural installations
  • Beware the monster on the stairs!
  • Employees can chill out with a game of ping pong
  • Or challenge each other to another kind of game
  • The outdoor areas also play host to events and workshops
  • And the pool is on hand to offer a refreshing dip
  • Work spaces are set up to facilitate collaboration
  • So that everyone feels like part of a team

Both houses were built in the early 1900s by renowned local architects and feature a swimming pool, barbecue areas, and beautiful garden installations. The company has leveraged existing living spaces and converted them into 10 offices, 5 meeting rooms, 3 lunch areas, several recreational areas & meeting spots, a playroom, 2 fully equipped kitchens, snack bars on each floor and welcoming lobbies.

Getting the workplace environment right is an overlooked but essential part of ensuring that talent not only stays at a company but also is able to be creative and challenge themselves beyond the conventional to deliver the best for their clients.

“We are a very versatile group of geeks who share a long-term vision towards growth and excellence, with a strong sense of team spirit and a positive work environment, which is reflected by many inspirational details and pop culture references all around the house,” says Liz Bohlmann, VP Marketing & Growth at December Labs.

“When designing our office spaces, we focused on color accents straight from our brand book, while maintaining the natural warmth of wood and original antique decorative elements found throughout the houses.”

For many of those in technology fields, the conventional office environment offers little in the way of inspiration, which is why so many of those following the Silicon Valley model opt to enhance the workplace with things for employees to do and decor that matches the team mood. This is why quirky, unconventional spaces like December Labs’ office are so interesting and appealing to employees.

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