Guatemala Targets 25% BPO Talent Growth


AGEXPORT President Rolando Paiz is optimistic about Guatemala's BPO sector and its growth, which will be driven by the Finishing School program that aims to increase the talent pool.

Guatemala’s growing IT services sector, traditionally predicated mainly on contact center investment, is showing signs of diversification. This is leading to growth in areas such as finance and accounting outsourcing, and knowledge services.

Rolando Paiz, President of AGEXPORT, is optimistic about Guatemala's BPO sector
Rolando Paiz, president of AGEXPORT, is optimistic about Guatemala’s BPO sector

In the latest episode of our Nearshore Café podcast series, Rolando Paiz, president of AGEXPORT, the association of Guatemalan exporters, and Ninoshka Linde, chair of AGEXPORT’s contact center and BPO cluster, discuss the state of the sector in Guatemala.

They highlight the important role of providers in growing the sector, detail the emerging niches areas for Guatemala, and express their hopes for the future of the sector.

Paiz and Linde cite a predicted 25% talent growth for the sector, but they are also optimistic that they will be able to surpass that.

Ninoshka Linde, chair of the contact center and BPO cluster at AGEXPORT, says the Finishing School program will play a significant role in growing Guatemala’s talent pool

Key to the continued growth and diversification of BPO in Guatemala is the collaboration of the service providers themselves, which have already united to focus on training and “upskilling” of talent and negotiation of incentives for the sector. The intensive Finishing School initiative, a joint program between providers and AGEXPORT that targets what they call “near hires,” is set to play a significant role in the growth of available talent in Guatemala.

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The collaborative approach taken by providers has also yielded other dividends, including new legislation that will exempt those in the sector from paying income tax in Guatemala for the next 10 years.