Atento Bulks up in Chile With New Customer Relationship Center

Atento will use the center to provide customer experience services and solutions for the banking and financial services sector.


Spanish BPO provider Atento has bulked up in Chile with the launch of a call center in Santiago. This is the company’s third customer relationship center in Chile’s capital city and the fourth in the country.

Atento says it will dedicate the center to providing customer experience services and solutions to the banking and financial services sector. Juan Gamé, Regional Director of Atento, says the new office will provide customer experience solutions ‘tailored to their needs’ in the banking and financial services sector.

“In the highly competitive and digital environment in which companies develop their activity, Atento offers a differential customer experience adapted to the preferences of the digital consumer that generates competitive advantages,” said Alejandro Reynal, CEO of  the company, in a statement.

The center has already been staffed with more than 350 agents, with the company promising to increase the headcount to 500 over the coming months.

Located in Santiago’s Mall Plaza Norte, the center has separate rooms for training new recruits. The BPO provider is one of the prominent customer service providers in the Andean country, with more than 25% market share.

Atento entered Chile in the year 2000, and is serving more than 60 clients, all of which are in the telecommunications, financial services, insurance, healthcare, sales, and public administration sectors.

It has employed around 5,000 people across four customer relationship centers in the country.

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