Belatrix Receives Award for Positive Impact on Bogotá

The Argentine software developer, present in Bogotá since 2017, has been recognized for its positive impact on the Colombian capital’s economy.

media impact

Argentine software developer Belatrix has been awarded for its positive media impact on Bogotá by the city’s investment promotion agency Invest in Bogotá.

Belatrix was also nominated for the ‘greatest impact in services’ award. The awards highlight companies’ positive impact on the Colombian capital’s economy, such as job creation, investment and social responsibility.

Belatrix opened offices in Bogotá in 2017, choosing the city for its strategic geographical location, quality of infrastructure, and economic stability, and its Bogotá team has grown from 40 employees to more than 100 over the past year.

The company’s offices in the city were designed to promote self-organization and collaboration, and were highlighted by Office Snaphots as an innovative workplace.

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