Caribbean Embraces Potential as a Legal Process Outsourcing Hub

Julia Taggart of Innovate LSO in Barbados believes that the nation has a unique value proposition in an legal process outsourcing market that many Caribbean countries are hoping to capture.

legal process outsourcing

Legal process outsourcing (LPO) has been growing on a global scale, with research firms estimating that it will continue the trend by nearly 30% per year. Barbados and other Caribbean countries have put their hats in the ring to try to secure a piece of the LPO pie, with varying degrees of success, but how can they compete in this growing market?

To find out, Nearshore Americas interviewed Julia Taggart, CEO and co-founder of Barbados-based Innovate LSO, when we discussed the state of LPO, as well as expectations for the sector’s development in the region.

To read the full Q&A and learn more about the true potential of LPO in the Caribbean, visit here.

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