How And When To Choose Cloud

Stephen Little, CIO of Xerox, discusses the ins and outs of cloud services and outsourcing, and details how Xerox has approached the outsourcing of their global HR program to cloud, in the latest episode of the Nearshore Café podcast series.

Cloud solutions may not always be the right fit, but they can play a role in the simplification of IT infrastructure. Stephen Little, CIO of Xerox, explained the value proposition of cloud and what he is looking for in such solutions in the latest episode of the Nearshore Café podcast series. Little, who describes his approach to cloud as “cautious“, detailed how Xerox approached outsourcing to cloud for its global HR system.

The discussion also touched on situations when cloud might not be the ideal solution for companies and what companies need to consider when deciding on cloud solutions. Security was high on the list. Although there have been a number of cloud security hacks — notably the iCloud hack — appetite for cloud services has not been dampened.

The podcast episode unpacked the debate around private versus public cloud solutions for enterprise, and despite Little’s previous statement at a conference last year that he “struggled with the value proposition of public cloud“, the CIO highlighted ways in which Xerox is using both iterations of cloud offerings.

The discussion was framed by Xerox’s drive to simplify what Little called the “overly complex legacy IT systems” that Xerox has, specifically in its traditional printer/ copier business. While Xerox does not have a cloud strategy, cloud solutions are playing a significant role in this process of IT simplification.

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