CINDE Recognized as World’s Top IPA During 35th Anniversary Celebration

CINDE celebrates its 35th anniversary this month, as well as being recognized as the world’s top institution for attracting FDI by the ITC.

cinde 35 years

The Costa Rican Investment Promotion agency (CINDE) celebrates its 35th anniversary this month, also being recognized as the world’s top institution for attracting FDI in a recent evaluation by the International Trade Center (ITC), a Geneva-based subsidiary organization of the United Nations.

“We can celebrate that our country counts with the best promoter of investment in the world,” stated the agency’s President, Luis Gamboa.

During its 35 years of operation, CINDE has helped to attract around 300 multinational companies in corporate services, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, light manufacturing, and the food industry to Costa Rica, also generating 90,000 direct jobs and 43,000 indirect jobs, making it a key contributor to the country’s socioeconomic development.

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