Colombia Minister Warns of “Extreme Climate Change” Risk to Residents

Colombia's environment minister, Luis Gilberto, has said that close to 12 million people in the country are in high-risk conditions due to climate change.

colombia environment minister

Climate change is putting nearly 12 million Colombians at risk from natural disasters, which threaten to kill hundreds and cause serious infrastructure damage, according to the country’s environment minister, Luis Gilberto (pictured).

“Colombia is very vulnerable to phenomena of extreme climate variability and climate change,” Murillo said, while stressing that around 500 municipalities are in a constant state of medium or high alert for floods and landslides.

Deadly avalanches and flooding in the cities of Mocoa and Manizales killed more than 330 people in April.

“We have to move toward a culture of prevention and response to early warnings. Close to 12 million people are in high-risk conditions,” said the minister.

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