Global Tech Workers Snub US, Look to Canada

New data released by global job board Indeed shows foreign tech workers are choosing Canada over the United States.

canada tech workers

Canada has turned out to be a beneficiary of President Donald Trump’s protectionist policies, with reports emerging that more foreign workers are seeking jobs in Canada than in the US.

New data released by the global job board Indeed shows foreign tech workers are choosing Canada over its southern neighbor.

In May this year, as many as 14% of all clicks on Canadian tech jobs posted on Indeed’s portal came from foreign countries, compared to 9% for jobs in the US.

Both the US and Canada are hungry for skilled technology workers. However, while the US has tightened laws regarding work visas, Canada has loosened its immigration system in a bid to attract more technology talent from abroad.

The Canadian technology industry has been growing fast in the past four years, and foreign workers began showing interest in the country last year as the US tightened its visa rules.

Amid a shortage of skilled workers, Silicon Valley companies are increasingly expanding their operations to Canadian cities.

Earlier this year, US online retailing giant Amazon set up a software development center in Toronto, with plans to develop new technology solutions in machine learning, cloud computing, digital advertising, and artificial intelligence.

The business expansion of companies of this kind is turning Canada into an emerging technology hub in North America. Toronto has now overtaken San Francisco Bay Area in creating more tech jobs.

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