Interactive: How Latin America Is Developing Its IT Talent Pool

Focused initiatives that seek to develop IT skills among poor, youth and female groups in Latin America hope to further extend the region's attractiveness in ITO/ BPO, while also empowering its citizens. The interactive looks at some of the IT training initiatives available in selected Latin American countries.

Developing IT talent in a country starts with empowering youth to consider technology as a viable career. As the ITO/BPO sectors across Latin America continue to grow, initiatives to develop IT skills among young, poor, and vulnerable groups have also flourished.

Using data from investment promotion agencies, non-profits and media coverage, the interactive below looks at some of the accessible initiatives designed to develop IT skills in selected countries in Latin America.

In a region still grappling with rampant poverty, the focus on increasing participation in IT by women — through Girls in ICT Day events — while also addressing socioeconomic inequalities is apparent throughout the region as these types of training programs spread. Government initiatives, such as MexicoFirst and Colombia’s Digital Talent Initiative, which offers free post-graduate training in IT, and sector-specific programs, such as those in place in Jamaica, further cement the region’s commitment to industry growth.

Online and hybrid options such as Codecademy further extend the reach of such initiatives and allow countries to develop capabilities across a range of IT skills.

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