Interactive: How Latin America’s English Skills Shape Up

Who tops the list of Latin America's most English proficient countries? Nearshore Americas examines data from a range of sources to look deeper into the issue of where the strongest English language skills lie.

The value of English skills in the competitive global business environment — and especially in IT — cannot be overestimated. Access to workers with a good level of English is one of the factors that clients consider when selecting a site for BPO/ ITO, but information on English proficiency is difficult to obtain and often contradictory.

Nearshore Americas examined several sources of data to provide an overview of English language skills in selected Latin American countries. Data on all LatAm countries was not available and not all data sets included all of the selected countries. It is clear, though, that across all data reviewed Argentina tops the list of LatAm countries for English language skills, while Ecuador consistently rates at the lowest levels across all data sets. Use the arrows to navigate. Roll over countries or country names to see the figures.


Data sets drawn from Education First’s English Proficiency Index, Global English’s Business English Index, The British Council and IELTS, and TOEFL.

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NOTE: The data analyzed is drawn from data sets that look at test results from selected testing systems. They do not measure levels of fluency across each country.