Oci.Mde – Contemporary Colombian Cuisine in Medellin’s Provenza District

Oci.Mde in Medellin, Colombia is a well-designed, contemporary space that offers delicious contemporary local dishes options in an enjoyable setting.


Learning from her experience in two Michelin-starred restaurants in France, chef Laura Londoño believes that the best dishes involve products that are cultivated at the shortest possible distance from the plate — an ethos that has resulted in some delicious options at Oci.Mde in Medellin, Colombia.

Start your experience with prawns, tomato and chili confit, with quinoa and basil, before leading into the short ribs in chili caramel sauce, with lemon, rice and peanut crust. Top that off with a biscuit sandwich, with toffee candy and macadamia ice cream, and maybe some delicious local coffee.

The dining area is a well-designed, contemporary space made from industrial and recycled materials, with open air street views and some funky bathrooms. A unique eatery with an enjoyable vibe.

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