These Great Perks at TaskUs are Attracting Philippines Millennials in Droves

Thanks to its many benefits, millennials in the Philippines are flocking to work at TaskUs, resulting in the lowest attrition rate in the industry.


Cozy offices, bean bags, bring-your-pet-to-work days, happy hours, comprehensive HMO coverage for LGBTQ employees, 120-day maternity leave, onsite dietitians, wellness coaches, MMA fighting sessions, running fitness challenges, and a company-wide sugar ban…these are just some of the great benefits that millennials in the Philippines are flocking to claim by working at TaskUs, a BPO provider with US founders.

The result? A 22% attrition rate, the lowest in the industry, and 63% Employee Net Promoter Score on employee satisfaction.

“Our most important competitive advantage is our employee-centric and values-driven culture. It is a bedrock on which everything else is built. It has set the tone of how we operate and do business as a company,” Bryce Maddock, CEO of TaskUs, told GMA News over email.

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