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The Official List of Most Influential Executives in Nearshore Outsourcing

After four months of review and analysis, the Nearshore Americas team and Power 50 judging panel are proud to announce the final list of members for the 2011 Power 50 ranking. The executives on our list reflect the very best in Americas-focused outsourcing services leadership. We are extremely proud to be able to highlight the serious and profound impact these executives are having in driving world-class practices across the larger business-process, IT services, call center and KPO sectors. We hope you will join us in congratulating the ongoing achievements of this very special group of professionals - and continue to call on and challenge them to work collectively to bring appropriate recognition to this dynamic sector.

We especially salute the top ten finishers, who have achieved noteworthy milestones in the short history of Nearshore outsourcing. We hope their exemplary work continues, and we hope that all the winners recognize their impact on an industry that is still finding its way, and still calls for leadership and vision. Note from the editors at Nearshore Americas: It should be noted that the Power 50 is entirely based on nominations from you, the reader. We rely on the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community to inform us. If you feel key executives are ‘missing’ from the list, then make it a priority to participate and make your nomination next time. We hope for maximum engagement and count on readers to participate!

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David Shpilberg

Executive Vice-Chairman - CPM Braxis Capgemini

David's 30-year career in consulting (including leadership in finance, IT and investment roles) reached an important milestone when David helped engineer the tie-up of CMPBraxis and Capgemini last year. His professionalism, industry depth and outspoken advocacy of the region's unique advantages make him a sterling example of how far Americas-driven outsourcing has come.

The firm he helped found is the largest Brazilian IT Services company, with revenue of more than $1B and the top Nearshore brand in North America in the Infrastructure Services area. "David has brought visionary leadership, personal commitment and focused execution to the Nearshoring industry over many years and continues to re-invent the Nearshoring business model through the CPM Braxis Capgemini partnership," says Chris Nuttall, Power 50 Judging Panel.

  • Hometown: N/A
  • Base of Operations: N/A
  • On Twitter: N/A
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Beni Lopez

Chief Globalization Officer - Softek

Beni is the kind of person the Nearshore community seeks inspiration from. He is the architect of Softtek’s expansion strategy, including the 2004 acquisition of General Electric’s captive center in Mexico and the 2005 joint venture with Caixa Galicia.

Beni's been a champion of Nearshore outsourcing before the term "Nearshore" (coined by Softtek) came into existence. He has been instrumental in driving Softtek's value proposition in front of an expanding set of global customers. Beni considers his most significant accomplishment around generating employment and professional opportunity for thousands of IT professionals throughout Latin America.

  • Hometown: Juchuitan de Zaragoza, Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Base of Operations: NYC
  • On Twitter: N/A
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Steve Rudderham

VP - Global Transitions, and Global Delivery Excellence Leader - Capgemini BPO

Rudderham has more than 15 years of experience in BPO, most notably in senior leadership roles with Capgemini and Genpact, where he led an organization comprised of more than 3,000 associates. Before Genpact, he spent over ten years at General Electric and GE Insurance in the US and GE Lighting across Europe. A board member of IAOP Latin America and the Nearshore Executive Alliance, he is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

  • Hometown: Lincoln, UK
  • Base of Operations: El Paso, TX/Boeing 777
  • On Twitter: @steverudderham
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Claudio Muruzabal

CEO - Neoris

As a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Muruzábal kept an eye on both the US and Latin American markets, understanding the strengths in both. He redefined his IT and business consultancy to become a true business leader of the Americas. Founded in Mexico in 2000, Neoris relocated to Miami in 2001 to join the booming IT industry in the U.S. He helped create more than 1,000 jobs for Neoris, bringing the total staff to over 4,500 globally. Muruzábal's chief success, however, has been his focus on positioning Neoris as the natural choice for IT consulting and nearshoring in Latin America.

The industry regards him as a subject matter expert and a thought leader. Muruzabal is no doubt the go-to person and authority on outsourcing trends.

  • Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Base of Operations: Miami, FL
  • On Twitter: @cmuruzabal
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Atul Vashistha

Chairman/CEO - Neo Group

He has long been an active promoter and advocate of Latin America. Atul knows how to find creative solutions to get results, because he excels at making countries, trade zone entities and other interests more focused and competitive.

"Atul definitively deserves to be in the top ten of the list. His experience and deep knowledge of the industry have not only made him a lucid and passionate leader and consultant, but also an active promoter and advocate of Latin America," says Nicolo Gligo, Power 50 Judging Panel.

  • Hometown: San Francisco, USA
  • Base of Operations: San Francisco, USA
  • On Twitter: @AVashistha
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Enrique Cortes

Executive Director - Dell Latin America

Enrique has an extensive sourcing experience and deep familiarity with the level of IT talent and capabilities in the greater Guadalajara, Mexico. Being the Director of Dell Services in Latin America, Enrique is one of the driving forces behind Dell’s astounding success in the region’s call center sector.

In 2007, he started Perot Systems from scratch in Mexico. It grew 100 percent in the following year. Within two years, it grew 66 percent. Enrique is a visionary and one of the experts in nearshore outsourcing industry. Enrique is an experienced IT executive, with significant international experience in America, Europe and Asia.

  • Hometown: N/A
  • Base of Operations: N/A
  • On Twitter: N/A
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Marco Stefanini

Founder and President - Stefanini IT Solutions

Marco is a leading figure and an inspirational leader in the Brazilian service industry. He is instrumental in turning Stefanini into one of the global technology giants. expanding its operations beyond Latin America.

He founded Stefanini IT Solutions 24 years ago and has grown the company into one of the largest technology providers in Brazil. Marco has fostered a culture of teamwork and a client-focused approach to business. He is a visionary, who can reach his company to its dreamed destination; however turbulent is the economic climate globally. His successful corporate social responsibility programs and participation in local or regional trade promotional events prove that he is ready to put industry over self.

  • Hometown: N/A
  • Base of Operations: N/A
  • On Twitter: N/A
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Henry Manzano


Henry played a key role in TCS’ expansion in Latin America, helping Indian IT giant hire thousands of employees locally. Thanks to his effort, TCS became one of the largest BPO providers in LATAM, employing well over 6000 people.

  • Hometown: N/A
  • Base of Operations: N/A
  • On Twitter: N/A
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Marc Vollenweider

CEO - Evalueserve

The Co-founder and CEO of Evalueserve, Marc Vollenweider has helped build it to be a 2,100+ employee organization since its inception in 2000. Prior to Evalueserve, Marc has spent over a decade with McKinsey & Co, including a two year stint as a Principal in Switzerland and India. He has vast consulting experience in various industries around the world and was in charge of the McKinsey Knowledge Centre in India. Marc has successfully helped Knowledge Process Outsourcing emerge as a shining star in the globalized business arena. He also co-founded ATG AG, a start-up firm in the area of traffic control software.

  • Hometown: Paternion, Austria
  • Base of Operations: Zurich, Switzerlans
  • On Twitter: @Evalueserve_USA
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Maria Clara Choucair

Owner - Choucair Testing

When Maria Clara Choucair founded Choucair Testing in 1999, it was the first software testing company in Colombia and one of only a handful in Latin America. The company started with a workforce of one – Maria Clara Choucair. Thirteen years later, Choucair Testing has 450 employees, branches in Medellin and Bogota and Lima, Peru, and a host of big-name clients.

  • Hometown: N/A
  • Base of Operations: N/A
  • On Twitter: N/A
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Cesar D'Onofrio

CEO / Co-Founder - CommonSense

Cesar is one of the inspirational software entrepreneurs from Argentina. He has worked extensively to generate skilled IT professionals for the nearshore technology services sector. He is a skilled software developer.

Doug Gattuso

President - Neoris

Doug possesses strong and balanced experience in the information technology software, consulting, systems integration, and outsourcing industries. His vast experience has helped many IT companies in the region to explore the opportunities in the Agile software development.

Keshav R. Murugesh

Group CEO of WNS Global services

Based out of Mumbai, Keshav Murugesh played a key role in forming ITC Infotech, serving as its Vice President before joining Syntel Inc. as CFO in 2002. He then became CEO in early 2009, before moving on to become CEO of WNS Global Services in 2010.

Santiago Pinzon G.

Executive Director Chamber of BPO - IT - ANDI

Outsourcing industry in Colombia would not have grown so much had there been no Santiago Pinzon Galan. He is a driving force behind the country’s business chamber (ANDI), which lobbies for pro-industry policies and creates a conducive climate for foreign outsourcers.

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Ankur Prakash

Vice President and COO - TCS LATAM

He is the guiding light for the TCS in Latin America, the region where the Indian outsourcing giant has gone on expanding its operation. Mexico City has become Ankur’s home as he overseas operations in eleven countries, serving more than 125 Latin American and global customers.

Andy Sealock

Principal - Pace Harmon

Sealock’s extensive experience in Latin America has been instrumental in helping clients innovate and develop a competitive advantage, and effectively leverage Nearshore resources. He is one of the entrepreneurs driving world-class practices in the nearshore services sector.

Ann Harts

Principal and Founder - HartsGroup, Inc.

A thorough and reliable advisor whose site selection and negotiating expertise make her one of the region's most knowledgeable partners in evaluating potential relationships. Ann is savvy, aggressive, gets things done and gets answers for her clients.

Cesar Gon

Founder & CEO - Ci&T

César Gon is one of the key players promoting IT services industry in Brazil. Under Gon’s leadership, Ci&T’s roster of services has grown to include business intelligence, SAP consulting, and digital marketing. Ci&T has a delivery center even in China and its clients include major global companies such as Coca-Cola, Google, Nestlé, and Honda.

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Juan Ruiz Coronado

Sr. Manager - Deloitte Consulting LLP

Juan is an out-of-the-box thinker with a great vision for business development opportunities. He is a great supporter of outsourcing, who opened five captive centers, and negotiated multiple ITO and BPO deals with an aggregated value of $3 billion with top tier global IT firms.

Sridhar Venkataraman

Head of Delivery in Latin America - TCS

As Latin America delivery assurance head for Tata Consultancy Services, Sridhar Venkataraman has a good vantage point to see changing customer and economic trends in the Nearshore.

Marcos Jimenez


Marcos Jimenez has brought a unique and strategy-driven perspective to the nearshore industry throughout his 19-year career with Softtek. He not only understands how to articulate the value that nearshore can bring to U.S. corporations, but also knows what it takes to build a sizable and successful nearshore operation.

Peter Ryan

Lead Analyst - Ovum

Peter leads the BPO research within Ovum’s IT Services practice and has traveled extensively in Latin America. He is a prolific speaker and is well known on the international conference circuit. He knows the ins and outs of the nearshore call center industry and he is no doubt one of the most respected industry experts.

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David Poole

Head of Global BPO Strategy, Sales, Marketing and Innovation - Capgemini

An inspiring leader and a collaborative colleague, David has been instrumental in putting Capgemini BPO on the global stage. He has also been a keen advocate for the Latin American region.

Alex Camino

VP of Marketing & Communications - Softtek

Alex has more than 20 years of experience in nearshore IT services sector. The team he led contributed to making Softtek one of Latin America’s most successful IT brands, bringing the nearshore industry to global prominence in the process. His attempt to position a Mexican enterprise on the global stage is something cannot be ignored.

Mike Barrett

CEO and Co-Founder - Unosquare

Mike pioneered the effort to start the Nearshore Executive Alliance and thus set a stage for nearshore industry to work together and realize their dream. Co-founder of Unosquare, which has offices offices in the U.S. and Mexico, Mike is one of the key promoters of nearshore service industry.

Dilma Rousseff

President - Brazil

After she became president, Dilma Rousseff did everything she could to stimulate growth in Brazil’s IT sector, which has now started turning over $140 billion per year and has a weight of 8.3% on national GDP. Not a mean feat; let us applaud her effort.

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Tony Mataya

Managing Partner - ThinkSolutions

When it comes to negotiating BPO deals, Tony is one of the best. He has particular experience working with major clients from the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Asia. His leadership continues to be felt in countries like Mexico.

Javier Chamorro

Executive Director - ProNicaragua

Javier is instrumental in putting Nicaragua on the map of Latin America’s outsourcing industry. On his advice, government crafted right policies and thus changed the investors’ perception about the country.

Santiago Gutierrez

President - CANIETI Mexico

President of Mexico’s National Chamber of the Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology Industry (CANIETI), Gutierrez also serves as CEO of the Global Alliance and Technology Services (WITSA), a consortium which promotes the growth of the electronic and digital industries.

Anupam Govil

President/Partner - Avasant

Anupam is one of the most knowledgeable guys around us. He guided his clients to set up call centers in several nearshore regions including Honduras. A native of India, Anupam helped several LatAm countries build the foundation for an outsourcing sector.

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DJ Edgerton

CEO/Co-Founder - Zemoga

Edgerton is refreshing, inspiring and just a plain great guy to be around. His unique position as a New York City-based entrepreneur passionately advocating on behalf of Colombia - makes him an especially valued spokesperson.

Guibert Englebienne

Co-Founder/CTO - Globant

Englebienne's relaxed nature may belie the true intent of his mission and that of his hard-charging colleagues at Globant: this firm means business and will continue to make a name globally.

Keith Fiveson

CEO/Founder - ITESA

Fiveson skillfully applies the insight, wisdom and connections that he has acquired over thirty-years in the call center/customer care sector

Dawn Tiura Evans

CEO - Sourcing Interest Group

Evans continues to show increasing commitment to serving and elevating the Nearshore message - through her influential role at SIG.

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Vicente Lopez

President - Grupo GSS

Lopez was the first person to start a company that offered outsourcing services for customer care in Spain and introduced a new concept of customer care and sales using outsourcing services.

Mario Tucci

Director - MVD Consulting

Tucci is a world class leader with a clear vision about where the Nearshore industry is heading and what companies need to do to adapt to the always changing environment.

Hugo Santana

General Manager - IBM Mexico

Santana takes a proactive approach to growing the market and empowering his team at IBM Mexico.

Benjamin Quadros

CEO - BRQ IT Service

Quadros is visionary and a high achiever in the IT field who has made invaluable contributions to the Brazilian industry.

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Esteban Reyes

Managing Partner - VSI Nearshore Outsourcing

Reyes is helping put Barranquilla, Colombia on the map as a newly emerging IT services destination. We look forward to great things from his firm and that city.

Lorenzo Zambrano

Chairman & CEO - CEMEX

Zambrano is known as a great leader with a high level of personal contact with people and is engaged with everyone’s success. He is an entrepreneur who inspires the students of Tecnologico of Monterrey and many others universities.

Jorge A. Siegert


Siegert has shown that with the right leadership, a Latin American company can leverage the potential of LatAm engineers to achieve world class software processes and services.

Robert Wolf

CEO - EX2 OutCoding

Wolf, a pioneer in Nearshore outsourcing in Costa Rica, created from ground-up a company that is now one of Costa Rica´s finest outsourcing companies.

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Hector Ortiz

Partner - Hildebrando

Ortiz is a practical visionary who knows how to steer a company in the direction of success as he has shown with leading Hildebrando's accelerated growth in North America, South America and Europe.

Mauricio Duran

President - Sieena

Duran applies his expertise with the latest technology to corporate strategy and development, software development, project management, Microsoft technologies and software architecture.

Jeff Pappas

Executive Vice President - Arledge Partners

Pappas is an accomplished and respected site selection consultant responsible for attracting numerous end users to the CALA market and is recognized by his clients as the "go-to" resource for Latin America.

Juan Manuel Gonzalez

Research Manager - Frost & Sullivan

Gonzalez has a deep understanding of regional ICT dynamics in Latin America, analyzing the region from the inside.

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Francisco Posada

CEO/Partner - Contactus Consulting

Posada started one of the largest bilingual call centers in Colombia (Transcom) which was the first BPO operation using French in Barranquilla. He is now developing a turnkey operation called Digital Port for BPO & IT companies.

Yolanda Martinez

Offshore Business Services Investment Advisor - PROESA

Martinez has been a driving force behind the visibility of El Salvador as an outsourcing destination and is - without doubt - one of the most talent investment promotion people we know.

Mike King

Vice President - Valentine & Kebartas Inc.

King has had a positive impact on the contact center industry in Panama by producing the right atmosphere for individual achievement and satisfaction and lowering the churn rate to unprecedented levels.

Jerry Durant

Chairman Emeritus - The International Institute for Outsource Management (IIOM)

Durant has made a selfless and dedicated effort to help service providers globally by pragmatically evaluating, developing tactical improvements and promoting suppliers and sourcing practices.