Recap: Practical Market Impacts of Artificial Intelligence

Javier Minhondo, VP of Technology at Globant, walks us through the practical impacts of artificial intelligence on IT services companies and their clients.

artificial intelligence

In the last two years, artificial intelligence (AI) has started to become a mainstream topic, but core aspects of the tech, like machine learning and data science, have been around for quite some time, so the technology has had already made a noticable impact on the industry.

“As we pitch it to clients, I’ve seen that there are still many incorrect perceptions that AI is a “complete” technology, and that no more advances will happen, but this is far from the truth,” said Javier Minhondo, VP of Technology – Artificial Intelligence Studio at Globant.

“Big tech companies are taking advantage of AI and machine learning, also exposing services and tool to play around with it, but their approach is very general.”

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