Teleperformance Reportedly Hiring 300 Agents for Boise Call Center

Without naming AT&T, Teleperformance stated in its last fiscal report that its business volume with a U.S. telecom client had decreased temporarily.


French BPO giant Teleperformance is reportedly hiring more than 300 employees for its call center in Boise, the capital of the U.S. state of Idaho. The new hiring will push the total headcount at the company’s call center in Boise to more than 1,000.

All the 300 new employees will be recruited over the next six months, according to Idaho Statesman.

Teleperformance runs dozens of call centers across the United States. Its U.S. operations have grown significantly over the past couple of years, particularly after the call center giant acquired Indian BPO operator Aegis and City Park Technologies, both of which ran several call centers in North America.

In its last fiscal report, Teleperformance attributed the business growth in the United States to the gradual ramp-up of domestic contracts signed in the healthcare, financial services, insurance, and hospitality, and leisure sectors. The company also claimed that it saw a sharp increase in business with existing clients in the consumer electronics sector as well.

“Growth was dampened, however, by a temporary reduction in business volume with a client in the telecommunications industry for certain product lines due to an incident involving data security,” stated the same report. The telecom company Teleperformance referred to may have been AT&T, which was slapped with $25 million fine by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over data breach at its call center in Mexico.

As the data breach scandal hit the headlines, Mexican media revealed that the three employees accused of stealing data were the employees of Teleperformance, which provided call center services for AT&T.

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