Inside Teleperformance University’s MBA-Style Training Program

The need to train and upscale BPO/ ITO is increasing as demand for higher level skills grows. Listen to the latest episode of Nearshore Cafe for a discussion of Teleperformance University's MBA-style programme that seeks to train up the next generation of leaders.

Within an evolving BPO/ ITO landscape where demand for higher order skills is growing, the need for internal training is indisputable. The Global Corporate Training market is set to grow at 8.77% per annum to 2019. Given that research by Bersin by Deloitte research showed that training expenditures by U.S. corporations increased by 10 percent in 2014, the commitment to training and upscaling of staff is clear.

Teleperformance University’s platinum training program takes an MBA-style international approach to upskilling the next generation of leaders in the global CRM and contact center outsourcing company. In the latest episode of Nearshore Café, Gabriel Toscana, Dean of Teleperformance University and global CSR committee member , talks to us about the training program, the need for upscaling and how to make this type of program work.

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