Roll Video: Telus Procurement Speaks to the Importance of Vendor Collaboration

In this video interview, Omar Alikhan, IT Procurement Manager at Telus Communications, provides some insight into the Canadian telco's approach to external IT resources.


Opening up an avenue for vendors to pursue true collaboration with your company is a vital step toward a valuable, long-lasting IT sourcing partnership — an approach that Telus Communications is openly endorsing.

Speaking to Nearshore Americas at Sourcing Decisions 2017, Omar Alikhan, IT Procurement Manager at Telus Communications, provided some insight into the company’s approach to working with external IT resources.

When asked how the Canadian telco lights up the runway for vendors to deliver innovative ideas, Alikhan told us that by providing an inlet to the company’s thought process and future growth plans enabled vendors to bring ideas to the table, including any automation that they want to put into place.

To watch the full interview, click on the video below:

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